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Zendikar Expeditions: A Letter to the Naysayers

I literally shocked to hear about the Zendikar Expeditions. It takes a few minutes to absorb the news. I was excited, so I decided to express my excitement through express in writing.

Meanwhile, in my article, I received my criticism that shows the reaction of people regarding my point of view toward Zendikar Expeditions. Generally, many people are excited toward the foils of fancy and it’s not like the sentiment. To feel different, there are no wrong and right things.

Everyone is responsible for their opinion as I am entitled to my thought. It is acceptable, that we all have not the same point of views because every person has different views.

Every Business has the Ability to Maximize the Profits

Every company has its own excited primary purpose. It is not like the Wizards of the Coast or the Hasbro. Every business depends on the primary purpose of the profit. When I get the news of Zendikar Expeditions, I create some comments. For instance:

  • To make more money from the tricky ways.
  • It is only done to boost the sales as well as make more money.
  • It is only like the gimmick of marketing.

Why it becomes so surprised that the companies are focusing on the product and service profit. Every business, are trying the exact things for enhancing the value of the business.

Every corner of the word, you will get the grocery store and down the street, there is a Walmart. For enhancing the profit list, every year Apple introduced new iPhone. Meanwhile, the cost of iPhone 5 under the assemble and manufacture is $200, while retailing up to $850. On the other hand, the orchardists and farmer turn a small seed to a big tree in which different fruits are blooming.

The Trading Card Game Manipulate the Rarity of the Cards

I am a little bit surprised that people are quite upset about listing the news of Zendikar Expeditions, even they conclude as a battle of Zendikar Expeditions. There are many cards that become the basic strategies for regulating the number of the card or to create it according to the demands.With the help of a card’s rarity, you can enhance the consumption. Just keep in mind that the tactics come from many years. Additionally, it is helpful for dropping the Trading Card Games in a single turn.

In a common tactic, regulate the Magic Cards:

Shards of Alara introduced the Mythic Rare. Planes walkers are included in the most important cards that have many slots.

  • Generally, Tarmogoyf bumped with the help of Mythic Rare. To increase the number of Tarmogoyf as well as enhancing the Modern Masters value then it is important to bump up in the market.


  • The Ultra Rare Cards addition before the Zendikar Block. You can find the Dual lands as well as Moxen while opening the Zendikar booster.


  • In the gaming world, Warcraft Trading includes different cards. However, the Loot cards generally came through the 3 rarities, also you can fetch up with different bucks. The Spectral Tiger can reach the $1000 peak price.

The Customer Comes First

The customer is the main driver regarding the economy. If there is no customer, then no business will occur. Generally, the customer is the key to a successful business.

By keeping the point of view of customers, the company is intended to provide the product and service. However, it is important to minimize the interaction of dissatisfaction. In order to attract different customers. It is quite hard to convince that while choosing our product, you are paying worthless. With the help of excellent marketing, advertising and attractive promotions the clients can be attracted to your product.

The Zendikar Expeditions Were Unable to Reprint

If you want to roll the cards in point of Magic players, then you can make it possible with the acceptable way. Generally, I refer for Onslaught Fetchlands, so that it is possible to reprint the Tarski’s Khan. Isn’t possible that the reprinting is possible to enhance the profit as well as a sale? However, from my point of view, it becomes a perfect way to enhance the fetches bunch.

So, it’s a simple prereleases of Battle for Zendikar throughout the world. May you look further just like I do.

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