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U/W Spirits: Making It in Modern

Hope you guys are fine. Today I am again discussing the Making It in Modern. Regarding in my last article, my conversation is between the new lord in M19. Meanwhile, just like I stated previously, I am simply believed that I will enhance the power level that is connected with the Supreme Phantom. There is a different configuration that is combined with the spirit deck.

Most probably, you may found two different configurations that I personally test such as the EsperSpirits.or the U/W Spirits. I simply conclude that I found with the incorporation related to Lingering Souls. If you get the access of the five mana then it seems quite good. Additionally, there is also an option to get the eight combos, but in case of massive combat damage.

I have not face any issue or sufficient card draw opportunity. Unfortunately, the U/W list provide the revolutionary game plan and that is my point of discussion. In the U/W Spirits, there are many spells, creature, sideboard, and lands.

Noteworthy Aspects or Cards

The reason behind that why I so much like the  U/W decklist is the Curious Obsession can run in this deck. The Aether Vial deck, so I just cut the Lingering Soul because I did not go for noncreature spells. Majority of the creature is using the Curious Obsession in the deck because of flying. Certainly, you can also draw the deck, when needed. In the list, Curious Obsession has more importance rather than we think there is a huge well for +1/+1.

It is necessary to remove the focused threat that gives too much hard time. In the start, I choose to shuffle back like the three, four or five copies, but right now I am sticking for three copies. In the list of 75 decks, I could not find any Geist of Saint Traft. Usually, at the time of testing, I always blocked the Geist. However, the Angel Token is considered as perfect because of Boros Charm.

Different drop Creatures of U/W Spirits:

The U/W Spirits list is quite similar to the U/W Taxes. In my last article, my discussion is fluctuated between the shock lands, fetch lands introduction and the different taxes. However, one of the best advantages of choosing the right deck is, it can turn to the deck source.  To start with the Aether Vial, you will get the creature of playing different count mana. Here there different drop creature given below:

One Drop Creatures

It is quite obvious that the creature has different drops but the most important one is Mausoleum Wanderer. This gives protection or early pressure, like the Sorceries. The spirits of Mausoleum Wanderer enter until the decent chunk. If you want to put different Spirits, whukevualing or casting them then it could add in the decent chunk.

Two Drop creature:

N the list of drop drops there is the majority of Spirit deck. Today, the newbies are the Supreme Phantom. It gives the +1/+1 or the 1/3 flyer Spirits. In the Modern, the cheap loads always considered as the great factor. Instantly, you can choose the battlefield for an excellent result. As I mentioned earlier that the Rattlechains is assuming good because of protecting spirits. Meanwhile, the Selfless Spirits has the ability to protect your team. In other words, it could be the best defense of the U/W.  At the very begging of the play, the Jeskai Control deck seems useful. With the help of ten load copies, you can control your opponent if needed.

Three Drop creature:

If you have three curve troops then you are the luckiest player. In the three drop load, Drogskol Captain is also included. The Spirits hexproof is the best Spirits. Virtually, there could be two captains that you can control easily. Spell Queller is one of my favorite deck. You can easily exit the spells if you have enough tempo for playing the Spirit. You can easily cast or remove the undesirable spell.

Final words:

Well, I try my fully best to provide more and more information? Let me know what you guys think. Do you consider that the deck is used in the large stage? You can also provide us your suggestion or different ideas.

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