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Top 10 Life Gain Cards of Holistic Wisdom

Holistic Wisdom is a list of top series, in which the latest trend, hot deck or much Magic pop culture are included. Every day I come with the new discussion because everyone wants some effective and informative topic. So let’s begin the fun while discussing the top 10 cards.


It is quite difficult to find the best life gaining cards. There are many narrows cards available such as Rest for the Weary, Sunspring Expedition or may be the Feed the Clan. While gaining the new power, you will get the sideboard play that is not exactly constructed with the superstars. So, let’s have a quick trip to discuss the life gaining cards in details:

1st: Umezawa’sJitte

For the capabilities of life gaining power, the Umezawa’sJittehas the most flexible way to enhance the capabilities. In the Modern deck, it still comes in the banned list just because of facing the aggro player. When you simply attacking or creature the Umezawa’sJitte then definitely, you can convert it for boosting +2/+2.

2nd: Kitchen Finks

We can say that the Kitchen Finks comes with the 3/2 or 2/1. However, most of the players are unable to see that this card comes with the attachment of 4 lives. While looking at the sideboard or staple in Modern you can easily go for the Burn or Zoo deck. This card comes in the second number of life gaining cards.

3rd: Thragtusk

The biggest headache of the aggro player only considered as the Thragtusk. Usually, in this card, there is five life attached. If you want to make the matter as the worstone, then you can go for the 5/3 mana. If you want to kill your opponents in the game, then it is important that you must have the 3/3 body.

4th: Zuran Orb

Today, Zuran Orb did not come in the Standard format. But when you enter in the era of Armageddon, then you came to know that it was presented as a legal card. Before wiping out or trigger the sacrifice playing then choose the best land that represents your opponent. Often, shutting down the winning chance is gratefully increased when you get the aggro deck.

5th: Deathrite Shaman

If a player wants to lose the ability or gain extra life, then you can choose the Deathrite Shaman. In other words, this card is pretty much good because it has a combination of graveyard or acceleration control. Additionally, you can get the Black- Green deck for diversity.

6th: Wurmcoil Engine

So, what you think about the damage strategy?  You definitely think about the lifelink creature. Meanwhile, there are two lives that provide creature with the ability of lifeline.

However, we can say that the Wurmcoil Engine is the best card. You can’t apply any elegant way that split the body into death. Frankly speaking, it is difficult to recover from the annoying situation.

7th: Courser of Kruphix

This life gaming cards provide more advantages. However, it becomes a steady that the Courser of Kruphix controls the deck easily. Most probably, all the players simply ensure about the card selecting and the land of drops. There is no fetchlands that mention in the Standard format. So, it is impossible to say that it has a negative life or the payment goes to its another perk.

8th: Baneslayer Angel

In this card, a player will get different mana abilities. The most important is there is a lifelink or flying proclaim. Baneslayer Angel is a single engagement that has the aggro deck and comes with the life swing ability.

9th: Scavenging Ooze

If you did not gain any life, then what you think about the Scavenging Ooze? Is this card coming with the playing abilities? Well, it is quite true that if a player wants to reach the top level then the Scavenging Ooze is the best selection.

10th: Renewed Faith

Probably, Renewed Faith is the rock star of life gain cards. A player will get a couple of life when they simply fired off with the right way. With the help of Astral Slide as well as the Lightning Rift, you are helpful for cycling the mechanics

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