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Top 10 Deck in the Legacy Format

It becomes so much excited to watch the Legacy Grand Prix. In the beginning, the format of Sensei’s Divining Top comes at the top level because of the metagame or format picture.

So, start while assuming that the deck comes with the imperfections.

Meanwhile, I spend so many hours, for assuming and discussing the different ways. Meanwhile, the entire process will get subjective of efforts. It’s my observation that the subjective is depend on the desired criteria. Here are the top 10 decks given below:

Sultai Midrange/Control

There are many decks that are available with the different aspects but the Sultai has different Delver range as regarding the midrange, Shardless or the territory. I have not recognized the color combinations. It is true that the Sultai deck is quite different regarding the Shardless Agents. It is important to understand the basic instead of involving in the relationship of the aggro-control deck.

Dragon Stompy

This is an epitome that is considered as the hate deck of the metagame-driven. Also, the Dragon Stompy is like the prison deck. There are many components that are actually cast with the execute game plan. Meanwhile, I used this deck just to execute the game plan. Once it can be stumbling, then your opponents will definitely try to slog with the help of Bridge, Moon deck or the Chalice. In the Legacy, the Chalice of the Void comes in the emergent throughout the year.


This card provides only 2% of winning the game. You will get another classic magic when it comes to the graveyard. In my feature list, the Reanimator comes with another archetype. You will get the too much cheap rate if you bring it back. It can become with the endless efficient or easily execute the game. When the deck has the graveyard and are badly stuck into it thus the problem arises. I simply love the Grave Titans and the Pack Rat.

U/R Delver

The U/R Delver is considered as the first Delver that burns with the help of Brainstorm or Counterspells. Rather than assuming another deck, it is important to consider only the U/R Delver because it occurs with the aggressiveness of filtering the card.


It can be one of the biggest misconceptions. Most of the people consider this deck in their favorite list. You are unable to play three archetypes. It comes in the top 20 decks because of huge tournaments ability. With the help of Maverick, you can easily plan your deck against your opponent.

Manaless Dredge

It’s become a powerful strategy when you consider only Dredge.  Mostly, the deck can be equipped while handling the Zombie. On the other hand, the deck is suffered while focusing on the sideboard like the Rest in Peace or the Containment Priest. Additionally, you will get the best format for the deck, when you consistently based on the format.


It is obvious that the pumping a creature is like you are getting the power. If you have this then you never be overlooked. In the faint of heart, it could be worth noting. It can be difficult, because of risky play.


The deck is really straightforward and quite fast. You can Burn your opponent while managing the haste culture. It’s like the magic in itself. There is no overwhelming when you get the Show or Storm. This deck has the option for the capable budget. It’s like the true dark horse.


In the Legacy, you will get the premier Merfolk that comes in the viable strategy. The Merfolk is just like the aggro-control deck because it comes with the downsides and upsides. The clock is running faster than the removal. Additionally, the downside function is attacking for removing the fish mage. In case, you are badly stuck with the creature of outclassed then you need powerful deck just like that.

Nic Fit

It comes like the style of The Rock deck. For many years, the Nic Fits comes with the fringe Legacy mainstay. Definitely, the Veteran Explorer comes with the giant monster. There are some exploitable or the powerful matchups comes with the popular deck. Through this deck, you will get many moving pieces, this means that you will get wrong when you are leading the awkward draws.

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