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The Metaworker: Is the Commander Rules Committee Ruining the Format? (Part 3, Promoting Growth)

At the present time, we are going to cover up the 3 diverse parts of the Commander Rules Committee. In the event that you have not read the previous 2 parts then not to worry! Go and check them out right now! In this concluding article, we are going to talk a lot about the productive and positive aspects of the main topic. Read out this complete article till the end.

Grabbing the Attention of the New Players

The Commander Rules Committee understands that many gamers from all over the world used to play the Commander on daily basis. Due to this reason, they work a lot on the format. A lot of formats have speed in and out of the animation in the times gone by of Magic. On the other hand, they are predestined from the starting in case there is not one person to play counter to. There are a couple of real and innovative Magic variants yet a lot of them need you to create a deck for that particular format. In the event that you cannot convince individuals to go through the effort of doing it, the individuals who have seen witness that effort does not need any other person to play counter to.

How Has the Rules Committee Attracted New Players?

It has been quite amazing to check out the maximization of the format. There are many new gamers who learn about the existence of the Commander. They know the steps to play. The main role of the Rules Committee was that they created a better trap. Quite awesome, Commander is not the particular formal that contains a nice hook.

There was a book released many years back, it was known as the Contagious: Why Things Catch On written by Jonah Berger. In this book, Jonah declares that a few combinations of some typical elements are present in the concepts and items that go viral.

The Rules Committee go through the emotional reactions of the individuals to in-game events and gamers’ want to tell stories about their understandings. In the event that you have followed our every column properly then you can come to know our tendency for the reasonable deck-building. It implies that we diverge from the Rules Committee on this point. Nevertheless, you might go in the wrong direction. The tendency to the relive games with the help of storytelling is quite common in the cEDH community as it is at any other place.

Whilst, by checking out the Unstable at the Judge program Christmas, the local cast of Summon The Pack to open the pack of the Avacyn Restored that we brought and continued to open the nine animals as well as the Avacyn, Angel of Hope. We do not explain a story when the individuals are discussing the UnStable as it was amazing and unforgettable.

Apart from the storytelling, we focus a lot on the real factual games of the EDH. For many gamers, there are many emotional attachments to the particular cards. There was a time when people used to play the cards Royal Assassins, Shivan Dragons, as well as Lhurgoyfs.

Handling and Managing the Trends

There are many reactions of the Rules Committee to the related trends resulted in the amendments to the ban list. We are not going to discuss them over again. In case, you agree with our explanation on the ban list action of the Rules Committee then you should read part 1 and 2 for sure. You can also check out the sections on the card games including Protean Hulk as well as Prophet of Kruphix.

Last Word

We do think it is quite good to repeat the main facts and figures. The complete magnitude and ubiquity of the format are not so hard to judge at all. At the moment, we do understand that there are a few combinations of the decisions the Rules Committee have created and contributed to its amazing and huge achievement. Have you missed anything that you assume was imperative to the expanded growth of the Commander Player base? Do you want to know about the advancement is one of the main roles of the Rules Committee to focus? Do you have different views regarding the Committee? Well, then what are you waiting for? Start writing in the main section!

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