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Symptoms of Coronavirus in Cats

Symptoms of COVID-19 Coronavirus in Cats

Coronaviruses which may be considered as a fatal disease for all the human beings out there and different kind of doctors are advising to all of us different therapies for the protection from Coronavirus. Now the point come for the cats or kittens and all the non-human beings around the world. Veterinarians are someone who you al should consult but we are here to give you all the basic knowledge about coronavirus your cats can suffer. What are the symptoms? Is it contagious? There treatment and every possible information about there to make you aware about what type of disease you cats can possibly catch according to the current status of the globe. 

Feline Infectious Peritonitis: 

Coronavirus is of different types and in every creature, it has its different effects. Feline Infectious Peritonitis is also a type of Coronavirus caused in all the wild as well as domestic cats. Feline Infectious Virus attacks the intestinal cells which is directly linked with digestion, absorption of food and waters and also considered as a fence to protect against all the pathogens in the from of virus or bacteria. Due to FIP a mild diarrhea is caused but there is nothing to worry about because it improved easily.  

Symptoms of Coronavirus: 

Coronavirus in cats are called Feline infectious peritonitis and FIP itself is of two types. Wet Feline Infectious Peritonitis and Dry Feline Infectious Peritonitis. The symptoms of coronavirus in cats are: 

1. Fever: The normal temperature of cats is 100.4 to 102.5 Fahrenheit but when the temperature of your cat or kitten is above 102.5 Fahrenheit or up to 106 Fahrenheit and the temperature of your cat isn’t settling down to the normal with the antibiotics. Then, there is a chance that your cat is suffering from coronavirus. Because antibiotics enhances the effect of viruses rather than reducing it. Perhaps you should definitely visit the veterinarian for the conformation. 

2. Weight loss: If your cat is eating time to time but instead of digesting the food, it is continuously expelling it out then your cat may be suffering rom coronavirus. 

3.  Tiredness: Lethargy is also one of the symptoms or if your cat is smelling like rotten curd then there is a high chance of it getting infected with a virus. 

 As told, you all before that there are two types of FIP Dry and Wet. Now, we will elaborate on the symptoms of Dry FIP as well as Wet FIP respectively. 

Symptoms of Wet FIP

In Wet FIP, cats suffered from the buildup of fluid in abdominal cavity due to which they suffered from non-painful, liberal abdominal swelling or in chest cavity, due to which chest exhibit tortured breathing. In some cases, cats accumulate fluid on both abdominal cavity and chest cavity as well. 

Symptoms of Dry FIP:

In Dry FIP, inflammatory cells accumulation forms at different organs of cats. In order to understand which organ is affected it will show clinical signs. Like if kidneys are affected then frequent urination, thirst, vomiting or even weight loss will be seen. The eyes and neurological system will also be affected and if lives are affected then the cat will show jaundice. 

Treatment of Coronavirus?

There is no effective treatment that have been proved up till now. But all you can do if your cat is suffering from coronavirus that keep your cat in a supportive comfort by keeping your cat away from the other cats, providing them with comfortable shelter, giving them food of their and just that. Hope our scientists and doctors work on something curable for coronavirus in cats.

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