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Standard Elf Tribal – Raise Your Standards

I always wanted to provide an informative article. Today, I am discussing Raise Your Standards. Meanwhile, I am not an effective player but I try my best to understand the overall situation. The affection of Magic or the deep love comes with the original plane. Definitely, I appreciated the Magic lore or the nostalgia. You will appreciate if you will get the best deck set. It makes no sense if you are taking the wrong deck. I just love the comic book and I am a big fan of it.

Today, most of the people are the big fan of the comic book. That’s the reason this set comes to me. From many years, the feeling is continuity come. Since the last plane, there could be many things that happened continuously.

Meanwhile, in the history of the deck, things are changing rapidly. The nostalgia is not the same as the previous one. From the gaming point of view, introducing the new Elf tribal cards comes at the most surrounding factor. I also have many decks. So I am just sharing some points and the possible strategies. Let started over them


I just think that this could be the tribe that comes with the Elves. Those who are looking forward with the help of Elves then they will get something mana for using the power.  Certainly, if you miss the Elves then you could face disappointment.

Llanowar Elves

The Llanowar Elves back with the mana ramper, those people who want the Magic they need to learn the 3 CMC. It’s really hard when you decided to go back while casting the curve. You can easily enable the busted with the help of LlanowarElves.

Elfhame Druid

This card comes with the same ramping ability just like the previous one. You can cast one more mana when you have Elfhame Druid. When you decided to cast the kicked spell then you will not get the Green mana deck. Without enhancing, you can trade off with decent way. You will face trouble if your power goes to zero level.

Llanowar Scout

This card is helpful for costing another Elf. If you will get the battlefield, then you can put your land on the battlefield. Due to some delay, you can easily tap the creature. It is quite an impressive thing when you enhance the mana ramping. The fact the matter is; battlefield comes with the basic land Elf.

Llanowar Envoy

This could be the next Elf; it can be helpful to create the mana. It will generally allow playing with 1G. It could be expensive when you have no power spell. So, it could be a worth activity when you play with a high splash.

Marwyn, the Nurturer

Most of the player prefer Marwyn, the Nurturer. Because it is the quickest way tocounteres. There are +1/+1 creature that are helpful for quickly racking, but it is unable to create Green mana. One of the main drawbacks is, there is only one copy for playing. You can produce the great mana potentially.

Vanquisher’s Banner

Today, Elves are offering different mana, but what is the best mana from your point of view? In the start, you can boost many things with the help of your team. For instance, the Immortal Sun and the Vanquisher’s Banner.

splashy creatures are another big player such as the Carnage Tyrant and the Ghalta, Primal Hunger. In the mono-green, it can come with this option.  In case, if you want to add any deck from the Dominaria then it is quite better to add the Thorn Elemental. If you are unblocked, then you can simply end the game.

Final Verdict:

Additionally, there is a chance of running the Rhonas the Indomitable, so it could be easy to boost one or maybe two creatures. There is a big chance to make the creature in which including mana sink such as the Walking Ballista.

Dominaria comes with the tribal decks. It includes the Wizards, Saprolings, Goblins, Angels and the Knights. So, which deck you are considering and what you are looking for? Let me know you what you are thinking about my article. So, leave a comment below:

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