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SARS Coronavirus Covid-19 Update

The hot and the main topic of 2020 is SARS Coronavirus. We all are well aware of these but most of us do not have proper knowledge of SARA Coronavirus. We will be providing you with all the knowledge bout SARS Coronavirus. Full form of SARS is Sever Acute Respiratory Syndrome causes respiratory illness by the coronavirus virus. It also causes pneumonia and respiratory disturbance. This virus was initiates from China, Wuhan, then it was transmitted to Iran, Afghanistan and 50 countries of the globe. The outbreak rate of coronavirus was found almost in 8,7000 people and most of them were from China. 

1. Signs if SAR Coronavirus:  

There are a lot of symptoms of Coronavirus but if one of them is found in you that does not completely means that you are affected from coronavirus but you should get a check up and get your tests done punctually. Well the symptoms of coronavirus are that it causes Pneumonia, frequent vomiting and excreting out the waste products, frequently falling ill and coughing continuously, fever it is not important that you are infected from coronavirus only if you are suffering from a high fever it can also be just a low temperature rise so don’t risk your life and keep up with the checkup as usual and as told before that SARS is a syndrome of a respiratory tract then a person suffering from corona virus may feel difficulty in breathing. While feeling all these please exhibit yourselves completely from using antibiotics as it only enhances the virus rather than reducing it. Antibiotics are not at all helpful in treating virus. So, keep yourself away from this myth because it may also make your condition severe or worst.

2. Is It Contagious?

Yes! It is contagious. It has been proved from the research and form the China that this disease contagious. This disease does transmit from person to person even by the slightest contact from each other. Here’s bad news for you all because it also gets transferred from animals having digestive system similar to that of humans. A lot of news is circulating that these viruses do not get transmitted from cats into humans well that is so not true because latest case has been found in which SARS coronavirus has transmitted from cats into human beings. Considering about dogs it does not diffused from it to us humans.  

3. Wariness From Coronavirus:

Now the question can be raising that how to protect ourselves from this virus? The care from it is not too difficult but it should be followed punctually. Most and must is to wear masks and not just the regular one but N-95 one which becomes the barrier between your oral and the environment. It has those layers which let the droplets of the virus come in contact with the nose and the mouth. Then, wash you hands frequently with friendly alkaline soup as there are two types of viruses enveloped viruses and unenveloped viruses by washing your frequently with the soap the enveloped of the virus will break and the following virus will be exposed to environment and soon it will become obligate parasite. And last but not the least avoid yourselves from the rush places where there is a lot contact with people so that if you are completely healthy then you don’t get affected by them because this virus is extremely contagious and can be fatal. 

4. Treatment: 

There is no such affective treatment have been come so far. But if you are a coronavirus patient than extreme care of vital organs is taken to keep you protected. Other than there are organic natural ways for the prevention of this disease.

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