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RDW VS. RB- A Detailed Analysis

As soon as the Magic the Card Game Arena was updated on the 7th of June and the Kaladesh and Aether Revolt card decks were added in the game cards, the players were quick to notice that the Red Colored cards in these latest editions had extraordinary powers and capabilities. Therefore analyzing these cards and understanding their potential had become the need of the hour. There are several aspects of the RDW cards that need to be discussed.

Changes in the Cards

From 7th of June as soon as a player signs up for the game he gets a starter pack which comes with one mythic, one rare, two uncommon as well as four common wildcards. Amongst boosters, three Amonkhets, three Hour of Devastation, three Ixalan, three Rivals of Ixalan and three Dominaria are included. Also, ten of each booster guarantees and starter decks are included which come with one rare wild card and five welcome decks respectively. Initially, the player is awarded three quests but as the player progresses and excels in the game the number of guests increases.

Significance and Usability of RDW for New Players

The deck has four main categories namely Lands, Creatures, Spells and Planeswalkers. The maximum number of cards resides in the Creatures category and its number is twenty-five. After creatures, Land category comes with twenty-three cards, Spells include eleven cards and finally Planeswalker includes only one card.

The drawback of the card collection in the RDW deck is that there is a lack of four mythic cards, thirteen rare cards, seven common and two uncommon cards. However, the card deck does guarantee one mythic, two rare cards, two uncommon cards, and four common cards. Therefore even if we take into account the cards from the main game board, it still leaves us with a shortage of nearly three mythic cards and eleven rare cards.

Combos and Card Replacements

If the player lacks Soul-Scare Merge and Goblin Chairwhirler pair of cards then this deck allows the player to replace this amazing combo with Fanatical Firevbrand and Pia Nalaar. However, Pia Nalaar is not my top most recommendation as it is a legendary card and costs a lot of it is used for more than three runs. Therefore it is better to make use of Crashers rather than utilize Pia Nalaar. Another tip would be to try to grab four Goblin Chairwhilers. Also instead of EarthshakerKhenra,Heart of Kiran and Walking Ballista is a better option to be played as they have lesser drops. It is extremely difficult to replace two drops which you may encounter if EarthshakerKhenra is played. Scrapheap Scrouger is also expensive and requires more strength for removal if used.

RB for Beginner Level Players

When it comes to RB cards for beginner level players there are several card options, pairs, and matchups that are available however the best ones and the most recommended ones are the twenty-five Land cards, twenty-two Creatures cards, eleven Spells cards and two Planeswalkers cards that are included in the basic deck of cards. Despite the fact that the deck has a great collection of cards from each category yet the fact that eight dual land cards are still missing cannot be overlooked.

Weaknesses and Downsides

The main weakness of the deck is the fact that it lacks some of the most significant cards. The lack of the Soul-Scar Mage and Goblin Chairwhirler is also a huge shock to this deck of cards. Hezoret the Fervent and Glorybringer are also two of the most powerful and utilized cards in the game arena that this deck has ignored. Moreover, the rare land cards are the ones that have been the most affected due to this selective nature of the deck.

The cost of transition is also pretty high when using this deck. This restricts the players and they cannot make use of much freedom. The lower burn rate is also a concern that cannot be ignored as if the player is bearing such restriction and cost he should have the strength to put considerable and unrepairable damage to the opponent’s deck. I would recommend experimenting and playing around with the deck to unleash the true potential of the deck.

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