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Rakdos Sucks in the Cubism

I am talking about the relationship of the Cube card. Meanwhile, in the start, you will get the longer gold section. Regarding another deck, the midrange deck has the poor stands against the White and green. I review the Rakdos cards that have a proper accessing system. Basically, I am representing the gold card that comes with the color pairing activity from my point of view, the mono-red is the best one.

Overview of the Rakdos sucks

The pool card is considered is Shallow. It is not a good deck. Meanwhile, it can be considered as the worst pairing, when it comes to the cube. If you have the 10 mono-red decks, then it is only 9 times best. Commonly, the main theme comes with Black aggro. Probably, it can be considered as the overrated deck.

Generally, the black adds cards has the access for making the aggro deck. The red deck is quite closely to counterparts because of it closely potential for the Black deck. In other words, the black deck has the disruption for making the Duress, the inquisition of Kozilekand the Thoughtseize. However, I always want a compliment, when I get my red deck. Here I am discussing the best deck:


This card can easily stay in cubes. Through many times, this card comes in the Jund region because it caught by the power creep with Lava Spike and the Min Rot.  Once the power creep was caught then there is no power. It gaining the title of sacred cow, and this is quite a worth noting thing. Meanwhile, in a couple of years, the player will get lack of option. Recently, I notice that every player makes their own space for their decks such as the R/B/x or the R/B.

Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast

This deck is the best example for the planeswalkers jus for the reason of cube playable. I am not considering that this card is not perfect but it comes with the Rakdos pallet. Additionally, if you want to support the Mardu or the Grixis deck for controlling the strategies.


With the help of this deck, you will get an easy way for sorcery speed up. In addition, it becomes the option of the problematic planeswalkers. You may find Gideon Jura as well as Dreadbore that probably become the best option. In other words, the black deck has no shortage of the Dreadbore and the Doom Blade.

Falkenrath Aristocrat

It is also one of the best deck that comes behind the Hellrider. It has the ability of the great body and relevantly comes with the Falkenrath Aristocrat. Defiantly, this card has the best ability to use in front of the opponent.

Grenzo, Dungeon Warden

This was the creature of the commonly used card but it comes with the favor of many another deck. I personally, do not like about the follow of this deck. You can easily dress up with the Endless one or with the whistles. This card really comes at the fun playlist.

Kolaghan, the Storm’s Fury

If you find this card on the list, then you probably rank your Walkerplanes. Honestly, I love to see this deck because it has a high rate in the MTGSalvations. Additionally, I also apply the Dragons of Tarkir. It keeps up with the high mana cost.

Kolaghan’s Command

This card comes with the longtime ability because of the printed aggro deck. It comes with the advantages of Kolaghan’s command. In other words, this deck is included in the aggro deck. Meanwhile, it is not enough with the control deck and the Midrange deck.

Murderous Redcap

The creature comes with another important factor of aggressiveness. Once you justify then you can empower the way of aggro decks. Still, it seems that this card has no radar, but it looks okay just because of the sacrifice fueled.

Olivia Voldaren

This is another great deck because it controls the overall game. With the help of this card, you can easily control the game. However, if you have the Rakdos card then it could not show the bad representative. It depends on you that what kind of Rakos deck you are choosing.

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