We treat your privacy just like we treat the privacy of Cloud Innovator Solutions. Your data and its dignity is our sole responsibility. Under this section of Privacy Policy, you will be informed about the operations of the website and how it keeps, saves, collects, uses and discloses your data which is provided by you to the website after your registration with the site as a catalyst.

Collection and Use of Data

The website collects your provided data which you provide during the registration. This includes your E-mail address, your name and the provided information.

Your information is used for the awareness spreading purposes which concerns our company. So that we can send you the E-mails regarding interesting occurrences at the website to keep you updated.

Your provided data can also be used for the company’s web analysis and the analytical study which solely includes the website itself. Here, your information is just used for the research purposes and not otherwise. We conduct the analytical research in order to keep getting better and better regarding the service providence and the similar purposes.

At necessity, we may also provide your information with Third Party who performs on our behalf, and with our partners. However, your data is not distributed to outsiders and it is also “not for sale” here.

Information Transparency

The contact information which is provided by you to us is never sold and never even shared, not with the partners and not to the third parties who act on our behalf, not even to outsiders. It is sealed and closed once and for all. As we mentioned earlier if at necessity, your data will be shared with the partners but not be sold under any circumstances.

We have an organized security arrangement that manages and helps us avoiding any loss and misuse of the information.

You have the full right regarding your disagreement to submit your data with us in exchange of not agreeing to reap the benefits of the services provided by the Cloud Innovator Solutions.


Cloud Innovator Solutions have the links to other sites as well that are not covered by our Privacy Policy.

We do not claim a guarantee regarding other websites.

It is recommended by us to have read the privacy policy section of the visited websites.

Legal Disclaimer

We have your privacy preserved with us, and it will not be used until an interaction with the law and in order to take a stand against legal claims that stands against us.

About Cookies

Website has in its store your logged in information, for the sole purpose of keeping the session live and alive.

Cloud Innovator Solutions uses the adserver Google as the third party.

Google utilizes the cookie factor in order to have ads served on your site.

The utilization of the Dart Cookie helps Google to serve the relevant ads to the viewer that base on his visiting to the site and other sites as well on the internet.

You as a User can also have an option outside of this box, by having a decent visit at the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

Revised Policy

As the time changes, it changes the challenges as well. Thus, we may revise the privacy policy depending upon the matters at hand at the time. Keep visiting the Privacy Policy Page will prove to be helpful. On our behalf, we will assure that you hear to our announcement if we make a significant change that concerns your personal data under any concerns and or circumstances.