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Best Nootropics for Depression and Anxiety

What are Nootropics and for What Purpose They are Used?

You may often have heard about them or maybe not in your friend zone, your colleges or neighbors. Nootropics are like drugs, medicine or supplements which helps human brain too relax, memorize and brings it toward creativity. Nootropics enhance and fasts the ability of thinking and other executive functions. Some people use them as a relaxing pills as this relaxes mind too. In this modern era, Nootropics are becoming compulsory for students as they need to sharpen their mind, they need to work and think fast and double. Nootropics is known as ‘to unlock the brain’, it is also known that Nootropics are used to prevent brain from Anxiety and depression which is a common thing in modern time. Excess intake of Nootropics may have cause side effects but intake in limitation is beneficial too. Let us tell you that which Nootropics are best and which can have side effects.


Nicotine are used to focus and motivation. Nicotine is the powerful and best Nootropic supplement if you take its right amount in the right way. Here we are guiding you how to take nicotine and what dosage you should have use in right way. As excess of everything is bad so be careful while taking it.Cigarette and tobacco has excess amount of nicotine in it but they are not good for health so never ever think to have nicotine through smoking. Nicotine effects directly on your brain and its function that’s why you have to take nicotine in very small amount. Take nicotine with some food as it effects bad if taken in empty stomach.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieridoes work for attention, mood, stress and memory. Basically it is small water plant which could be found easily in India. It works well to enhance attention and mood in people having age more than 65 years.Bacopa Monnieri improves memory which is healthy for our mentally healthy. It works for memory acquisition as well as retention in older men. Bacopa Improves Memory mechanism. It increases acetylcholine and glutamate which play an important and large role in learning and memorizing. It helps to increase enzymes and transporters that makes serotonin in excess level which enhances memory and learning skills. It increases brain blood flow which plays a vital role to memory and brain health. Take Bacopa with a healthy and full of fat diet to get its benefit and take minimum 750 mg daily.


NeuroMaster works for memory and focus. It’s a supplement to help to memorize and focus. It helps more than exercise. It makes the process of thinking faster. NeuroMaster works for long term as well as short term requirement. It works well in the age group of more than 60. It prevents memory to shrink. It is also gained from Coffee seeds. The way of taking this drug or supplement is one cap in the morning, it could be consumed with empty or stomach.


Curcumin is a bright yellow substance which is produced by a plant easily found in subcontinent. It belongs to ginger family. Curcumin is more like turmeric and it is also used in natural supplements, spices in food and as well as in cosmetics. It is also used as food color.It improves human memory and has no side effects. Curcumin protest against stress.It works well for older people. It prevents learning skills from destroying. It also prevents from other disease too. It reduces oxidative stress in human body.


Coffee is the best and organic way to get relief from stress. It helps mind to satisfy and make it tension and stress free. Coffee is one of the best bean for stress free and headache free mind. It has no harms or side effects until used in a good and reasonable quantity. One cup of coffee in the morning can help you to spend your whole day with freshness. You can even take it with milk or with water. It has many ways to consume.

Top 5 Best Nootropic Coffees

  1. Kimera Koffee
  2. Kimera Jujimufu
  3. Bulletproof Coffee
  4. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee
  5. Mastermind Coffee


As we all know tea is totally safe and secure to consume. This is the first reason why every one of us like to take tea and it has stress free feel in it that people consume it many times a day. The second reason for intake tea is it is not harmful at all. Tea has very low amount of nicotine in it so it’s totally safe for human health, it gives relief and freshness.

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