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Modern Domain Zoo

Wild Nacatl literally banned in 2014. Mostly, players indicate that revived has too many reasons for the zoo. Meanwhile, there is a different world of Black Green deck because it has Snapcaster Mage comes with the Lightning Bolt. The bunch of unfair combo deck is rising because the zoo has a fair deck.

Somehow, it is all time true that the Domain Zoo has a favorite card deck. In the start, I stated that Grand Prix Singapore has an effective finishing system. When I was playing at that point someone invites me to Pro Tour Honolulu recently. It’s like the kick started of my life and I never consider to look back in the past.

I played the Zoo deck and tinkering as well. In many tournaments, I behave decently. I am focusing on the future Grand Prix Singapore because all things depend on the choice of my deck. I found many decks, so I further not wanted to play with deck because it needs to add some sideboard cards.

Lesson One: Why Black and Blue?

Traditionally, the zoo deck comes with the Naya color like Red, White or maybe Green. However, these are sufficient tricksor switching, whether it is on Wild Nacatlor Kird Ape. You can also play with Ghor-Clan Rampager, Boros Charm or Lightning Helix.  You can assume that it is entirely easy to play with the help of 3-color Zoo deck.

It is not the most explosive way to build. While considering the Modern format, you will see that the level of power is appreciated.  If I play aggro deck, then I definitely refer more. Sometimes, it’s better to move further. In case, you play with slow moves then you are at risk because the Combo deck has enough power to kill you. When you play slowly then you can’t optimize the deck through aggressively.

Are you imagining that the Scapeshift player considers as the additional turn? The main difference between having six or seven lands is only a matter of death and life. I really want to optimize the power because the turn counts with the power of the deck.

Lesson Two: Correct Lands

In the deck, there are no cards that really matter, if you really fetch up while selecting the correct lands. You can easily access five-color mana when you get 3 turns. Through this technique, you can easily play with Fetchlands. However, I checked the list there are 6 Shocklands, 14 Fetchlands or 2 Basics. I consider only for 11 Fetchlands, 2 Basics, and 8 Shocklands,

From the statistic point of view, you can draw only two Fetchlands and one Shockland throughout the game. Only a few ways are important to achieve the color combination.

Lesson Three: Curving Out

In the deck, there is 25 creatures that is able to cast in the first three turns. Actually, the decision is based on the creature that is cast actually in the biggest creature case. Usually, the dilemma occurs, when you able to draw the Birds of Paradise or the Noble Hierarch along with Wild Nacatl as well as Kird Ape.It depends on the choice of your cards, you can make a simple decision that is based on the damage.

Lesson Four: The Sideboard

I like to diversify to attack with different angles because my sideboarding is very untraditional or unorthodox. For instance, I choose Affinity instead of 4 Ancient Grudge. Right now, I consider playing with Zealous Persecution, AncientGrudge, War’s Wage, Ghostly Prison, and the Kataki.  Basically, I located with 4 sideboard cards because I think that the Domain zoo provides extra advantages. You can go with Creeping Corrosion copy.

A general rule regarding the thumb

The Abzan Collected Company and Splinter Twin consider the Combo, so you can board and simply consider some tricks like Tasigur, the Golden Fang. Traditionally, you can interact whether it is tapped out. If you focus carefully in your deck, then you will safe from dangerous. If you face difficulties while playing the cards, then you literally hate your chosen cards. I enhance the swarm for stopping the opponent’s attack.

These guidelines need to understand deeply because it’s not like a stone. I really hope that you enjoy my post related to Domain Zoo.

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