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Making It in Modern: Is the Hardened Affinity Consider as the Best?

Hi everyone, I hope you all were fine. I came up with my new topic of the Making It in Modern.  As my recent article is also based on the same topic, but this time I came up with the new strategies. In this article, I am focusing on the different results that show up the value of the new Hardened Affinity. Meanwhile, it is important to check first the affinity list because you can put 5-0. Regarding the Karn, Scion of Urza, when you are tried with the Affinity. In Modern, these are considered as the best deck. I am continuously thinking about the better option. Is the Hardened Affinity shows the sign of better meta suited?


If you want to figure out about the best deck, then first analyze the deck. I am finding a way that makes the better deck also checking whether there is any weakness. Additionally, I am also looking another deck, so I can find the better strengths as well as their weakness. In the Affinity list, you may find creature, spells, lands, and sideboard.

However, the Affinity list is taken from the MTGO Modern Challenge. Mostly people analyzing, while tasting that these have the longest running deck. Most of the time it comes with the appealing factor that explosive its overall way. In the first turn, you will keep open seven cards for a large attack.

There are multiple creatures that add many damaging including the Signal Pests. You can quickly overcome the damage when you start with the multiple creatures. Definitely, the deck key is fluctuated in the Mox Opal accelerates. If you consider this deck earlier then you can play harder. The zero-mana artifacts or the Darksteel Citadel easily turn with Metalcraft. You will get the access of the game to the Steel Overseer, With the help of this deck you can encounter, while attacking subsequently.

What You Will Achieve While Getting Access?

There are two ways to gain access through the Cranial Plating or the Arcbound Ravager. It doesn’t matter which artifacts you are choosing whether it is moving counter or the sacrificing. The creature land has many artifacts counts.  Inkmoth Nexus shines deals with the 10 damages that can set the equipment to get the ability of Ravager. You can take with the Affinity because it has different angles.

Hardened Affinity

The Hardened Affinity’s list comes with the Mining Modern. You can take it with different ways and the list comes in the Animation Module. The Hardened Affinity is exposing bigger instead of Affinity. The turn one allows playing the Hardened Scales that comes with the extra counter. Overseer comes with the two counters instead of Arcbound creatures.  The Hangar Back Walker has the ability to make Thopters in every counter. On the other hand, the Walking Ballista load with the handy counters.

Interaction of removal spells and discard

Have you ever thought that what is the interaction comes out, when you have removed or discard spells? The interaction strategies have a wide range of strategies. You will get the best advantages when you lead with the evolutionary creatures. You can easily refill the action when you find more deck. When you have the sacrifice modular then you will move with other creatures like using one or another. Whenever you sacrifice Hangar back then you will get the other bunch.

The weaknesses show the Affinity of hand-in-hand from the aspects of the sideboard. IN case, you are playing with the Affinity list, then you will get the two or maybe more games artifacts.

Final verdict:

After analyzes, I came with the two decks such as the B/R Hollow One, Humans, Jund and the Affinity are coming at the top level of the format. I assume that the Hardened Affinity comes at the best spot. You may find many interactions of the format. Additionally, you can protect your deck, without interacting a decent amount of threat. I always consider to test it first before evaluating. It is my strong belief that the Humans or hollow One is quite better as compares to the Hardened Affinity.


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