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Making It in Modern: 4 cards that are banned in Modern

It’s about a month ago, I have the four basic cards that I think consider as unbanned. When I read the review of making it in modern, I decided to write the diverse article, just like that. I figured out some basic points that could be hit in future. I am expressing my opinion with finishing tournaments.

Before I listed, I wanted to preface by providing a couple of things. However, I am not saying that these cards are totally banned but I am saying that I have a diverse point of view that shows the banned cards. I am not saying that these are banned now, I am talking as the future point of view.

When the certain decks are warping, thus the announcement of the ban occurs.  According to the Modern way, making the diverse drop is important whether you are taking space or wiping out archetypes. Although, by looking at the situation, I think that Modern format has a great spotlight. Now I am listing the four cards that are considered to banned in future:

1. Mox Opal

I mostly see this card in the ban list of Modern format. The Mox Opal is important for degenerating the Ancient Stirrings deck.  Meanwhile, this card occurs in the same place as the Chrome Mox and the Simian Spirit Guide. The inconsistency shows the necessary part of the free activation.

Most probably, there are three artifacts that are helpful to activate the ability of mana cards. If you have any artifacts that are simply based on the deck, then you can easily turn the metalcraft. There are many free artifacts speel like Mishra’s Bauble, Ornithopter as well as the Memnite in Affinity. Another deck that abuse the Mox Opal is only the KCI, also it comes with the most appropriate result.

2. Ancient Stirrings

Honestly, the number one spot is the Ancient Stirrings. After that, I focus on my statement then I came to know it is the most important enabler. The reason behind liking this card is only the specific deck. The fact of Eldrazi spell is colorless or artifacts spell. Furthermore, you will find many options to abuse like Lantern Control, Krark Clan Ironwork, and the Green Tron deck. Among all these decks, the most noticeable deck is Ancient Stirrings. While playing, you will experience the consensus of opinions. In the format, Tron Comes looking unbeatable.

3. Simian Spirit Guide

I can’t see the world without these cards, I think that the Simian Spirit Guide is banned for its free mana. In Modern, there are many facts that are banned in the Chrome Mox. There should be a lot of inconsistency that shows these cards are legal, according to the Research and Development department. Mainly, Simian Spirit Guide is used to cast the deck just like the Blood Moon or the Chalice of the Void. Also, it is useful for Eldrazi Tron decks for throwing the Chalice. It is still a hidden fact that why the Chrome Max was taken out.

4. Street Wraith

For a certain circumstance, the Street Wraith is included in the two cards that are currently banned. It is an offense card, until the Death’s Shadow decks. The main goal of the deck is to battlefield since the Death’s Shadow comes with the large deck. Essentially, you can freely draw this card.

You will get maximum life without losing the process of playing. The Mardu Hollow One or the RB deck turn the casting of conducted the Faithless Looting. You can make the Hollow One, without paying any cost. Although, it is impossible to have the four Hollow Ones at once. Moreover, the Street Weraith provides free of cost discard fuel for Gurmag Angler or Flameblade Adept.

Ending lines:

So, it’s all about the four cards that are supposed to banned but not currently banned. In my previous article, I have written about the cards that explore side by side and was introduced in the ban list.Do you consider that these cards are ban hammer or stuck at one point? Are you planning to hit these cards? Let me know through comments.

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