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How to Lose Weight Fast At Home in A Week without Exercising?

Do you feel not going to gym?

Do you feel not doing exercise regularly and lose weight fast?

If you are wondering how to lose weight fast without exercise in a week then you have come to the right place.

We have researched and created a scientific solution to your problem.

Losing weight fast without exercise might seem a fantasy tale but this is actually simple.

The key is to know what and how you are eating.

You can trick your body to lose fat by knowing what is good for weight loss.

These are some of the simple tricks that you can use to lose weight in a week and you can try these all right away.

Fastest Way to Lose Weight in a Week At Home

Go slow!

You need to go slow. This is one of the simplest tricks to lose weight fast. Chew your food thoroughly. It not only helps digest your food better but makes the process slow. Your mind takes some time to know that you are full.

Eating slowly makes you feel full quicker.

A recent study has shown that the people who eat fast tend to gain weight faster. This proves that eating slower can reduce your chances of becoming obese.

Smaller Plates

This is our favourite trick of all. This is the most interesting technique to trick your brain.

The sizes of plates are getting larger day by day. Eating in large plate increases your chances of becoming obese. When you serve in a large plate even the larger amounts of food seem small. If you start using smaller plates then you would restrict yourself to eat less.

Use larger plates to eat only healthy foods while smaller plates

when eating something not so healthy.

The Magic of Protein

Protein has quite magical effects on hunger. It can provide healthy nutrition and make you feel full for longer.

You can even use protein to reduce your calorie intake.

Some studies have shown that if you double your protein intake then the calorie intake automatically gets low.

Some people were made to increase their protein intake from 15% to 30%. This helped them to decrease their calorie intake by 440 calories without restricting any food.

The key is to switch your breakfast plate. If you like to take grainy breakfast then switch it for eggs. Eggs contain quality protein and it would help you lose weight fast.

One research has proven that people who take protein rich breakfast tend to eat smaller lunches.

By switching to protein you can lose weight without reducing your meals.

Miracle of Fibre

Eating fibre rich foods can make you feel full quicker and for longer.

One particular fibre known as Viscous fibre works miraculously in reducing calorie intake by making you feel full.

When viscous comes in contact with water it forms a gel. This gel slows down the process of nutrient intake as well as emptying of stomach.

Viscous fibre is found in foods such as oatmeal and beans.

Water intake

Drinking large amounts of water can actually reduce your hunger and help you lose weight much faster. Especially if it is taken half an hour before a meal.

One study has proved that if you intake half a litre water 30 minutes before your meal it reduces your hunger effectively.

Yes you can decrease your calorie intake only by drinking water.

If you regularly drink sodas and juices consider switching those for water. These drinks have high amounts of calories which eventually lead to obesity.

Only eat while taking your meal

Many people nowadays tend to eat their meals before a TV or any other electronic device. If there isn’t one available then they choose to speak a lot.

When you pay attention elsewhere while taking your meal you lose the focus. Then it becomes easier for you to lose the track of your eating. Your mind gets distracted and often times you overeat.

Focus only on your meal while eating. If you keep eating while watching a video or news then the calorie intake increases without your knowledge. Also your mind gets distracted and you seem to not feel full for long.

Keep an eye on this. This thing could get you in trouble in long term.

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