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Level One Modern: Dredge

The up and coming Professional Visit 25th Commemoration will highlight Standard, Modern, and Legacy. While Standard gets a great deal of time in the spotlight as per usual, you probably won’t be very up to speed on Enchantment’s Endless organizations.

While there are authorities significantly more qualified than me to do this for Heritage, Modern are my most loved Built arrangement and the one I invest the most energy playing.

Ahead of the pack up to the PT, I’ll be separating the decks that are probably going to see play, and clarifying the course of action, qualities, and shortcomings of the configuration’s real prime examples.

What Dredge Does

Dredge is the pre-prominent memorial park deck. Its name is synonymous with the utilization and abuse of in with no reservations cemetery based-cooperative energies. The name comes, obviously, from the dredge technician, highlighted on cards like Life from the Soil and Golgari.


The dredge workman empowers decks to fill their memorial parks at a mind blowing pace, or, in other words this rundown is endeavoring to do.

From that point, a large group of recursive animals—a large number of them “free”— assault the restricting life aggregate and after that torch them from range with Blaze. Bloodghast, Narcomoeba, and Prized Amalgam would all be able to be put into play for nothing, and periodically rapidly and in extraordinary numbers.

Dredge is fit for explosives quick begins, yet in addition grinds into the late diversion firmly with an incredible esteem amusement.

The empowering agents of the deck—Fickle Plundering, Life from the Topsoil, Cathartic Get-together—are misleadingly intense. As there’s next to no distinction between cards being in the hand or memorial park with this deck, Irresolute Plundering is basically a 1 mana draw 2 (or better, while disposing of things like Bloodghast). Therefore, it’s extremely hard to disturb Dredge without hard outcast impacts or committed burial ground despise.


Dredge is especially impervious to all diversion 1 disturbance. Expulsion spells perform ineffectively against recursive animals (with the conspicuous special case of Way to Outcast), and remaking after a sweeper can once in a while be as straightforward as playing a land to trigger Bloodghast (which at that point triggers Prized Amalgam).

Also, dispose of spells do for all intents and purposes nothing against this deck, for similar reasons. It for the most part doesn’t make a difference if a card is close by or in the burial ground—Dredge will figure out how to utilize it.

The adaptability of Dredge with regards to play style additionally makes it hard to go head to head with successfully.

Here and there they can nut-draw you and regurgitate 10+ power onto the war zone by turn 2 or 3, and here and there they can win a drawn-out 15-divert slugfest with Life from the Topsoil and Burn. It’s very hard to pick the correct position to take against Dredge, as the deck is equipped for playing both offense and resistance viably.

At long last, Dredge is an extremely reliable deck without a doubt that experiences little difficulty finding the cards it needs. It has silly speed, and will see countless each diversion on account of Fickle Plundering, Cathartic Gathering, and obviously the majority of the dredge cards. This implies its thinner 1-ofs (Darkblast, Scourge Fallen angel) are in a vastly improved position to locate the ideal minute to over performing.


Dredge is what’s known as an “amusement 1 deck”. It exchanges an extraordinary amusement 1 win rate against an open field against a genuine powerlessness against focused loathe. For this situation, clearly, this incorporates anything that assaults the burial ground.

While decks like Mardu Pyromancer and Tempest have a light dependence on the cemetery can even now win through something like a Rest in Peace, it’s near outlandish for Dredge to work without unlimited access to its memorial park. Any memorial park despise is super-successful against Dredge.

This shortcoming isn’t simply limited to post-board cards like Rest in Peace, Leyline of the Void, or Grafdigger’s Pen. There are couples ordinarily played cards in Modern that by chance hose cemetery techniques: Searching Slime, End, and Way to Outcast both reason gigantic cerebral pains for Dredge players.

Any card you can incorporate into your beginning 60 that can execute some sprinkle harm to the burial ground will reinforce this matchup hugely.

At last, Dredge isn’t generally the snappiest deck out of the squares. Indeed, it’s much slower than most other “combo” decks.

Any non-intuitive deck that looks to overlook contradicting courses of action will be in a decent position against Dredge, accepting adequate speed. Tempest, Endlessly, and KCI would all be able to try to race against Dredge, and fire their glass gun so as to see off the recursive crowds.

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