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How Long Does Feline Coronavirus Survive?

How Long Does Feline Coronavirus (Covid-19) Survive?

Feline Coronavirus FCov is a common and fatal disease which is found in cats usually in multi-cat household. You do not have to disown your cat and something like that because this disease is not at all contagious, it does not get transmitted from cats to the people or other animals. But FCov do get diffused from one cat to another. Cats usually get this disease due to lack of hygiene. Which may be due to it litter which it uses as a toilet, due to oral interaction with the bowl used in order to eat food, from other cats or from the unhygienic environment. Usually most of the cats are affected with the Feline Coronavirus and their owners do not even have a clue of it.

How Long does feline Coronavirus Lasts?

About 48% cats had or still are suffering from this disease. Most of them get healthy by themselves and some of them suffer from diarrhea which barely lasts for more than one month. 1% or 2% out of 100% dies from this Feline Coronavirus or else this is very common among cats and vets do not take them as a serious disease. 

When does the situation gets serious? 

Things get out of your hands when your cat transmit Feline Infectious Peritonitis. FIP is transmitted into cats from FCov. Feline Infectious Peritonitis is a disease which is also fatal and contagious from cats to cats. And if the condition of your cats real sick then you will have to visit vet ASAP! 

1. Type of FIP:

There are two types of Feline Infectious Peritonitis: Wet FIP and Dry FIP. Both of them is a very serious disease. Wet FIP affects abdominal cavity causing it to get swollen and Chest cavity which creates difficulty in breathing and Dry FIP which accumulates fluids in different organs of body and these respective organs later shows different symptoms like if kidney is affected than cat will vomit frequently and if liver is affected then Jaundice will be seen. Sometimes both occurs simultaneously. 

 2. Signs of FIP:

The symptoms of Feline Infectious Peritonitis are lack of digestion, frequently vomiting, frequently excretion of waste products, cats getting fever and not shedding it for more than a week or month. When your cat smells like rotten curd then there are also chances that your cat is suffering from a FIP. And laziness and tiredness are also one of the symptoms. So, whenever you find any of these symptoms mentioned above in your cat then make sure to take them to the Veterinarian as soon as possible!     

3. Doe It Gets Transmitted to People?

Coronavirus is a disease which can not be transmitted from non-human being to the human being. That is why, FCov and FIP can not be transmitted from cats to their owner or to other people. But FCov or FIP may get diffused from one cat to another. 

4. Treatment: 

A cat suffering from Feline Coronavirus itself gets healthier it they are taken care of in 3 or 4 week but feline Infectious Peritonitis is a kind of disease whose cured is still not invented so for that all you can do is not taking your cats in social gatherings, keep them away from other contacts, take care of their hygiene as more as possible and make sure to give them bath and keep their litter as well as bowl in which they take their daily meal as clean as possible. Other than that FIP vaccines are also available. We hope them our doctors soon come with the cure of this FIP disease and all the cats stay safe and healthier.

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