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Hour of Devastation Draft Guide

Magic The Game is unique and has its own pattern and format mainly due to the concept of drafting that has been introduced by the game. The basic format of the game is that eight players play together amongst these eight players three players have booster cards. These players exchange cards till they are left with forty-eight cards each. Then they use forty cards from their collection to build a deck.

However, the pattern of the MTG Draft is slightly different from this regular format. The players do receive tree pods each but they use forty-two instead of forty cards to build their deck. The round of the pool continues till each of the players faces either seven victories or three defeats. The defeats or victories do not need to be consecutive. The general number is counted.

Tips and Tricks for Draft Cards

Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you make the most out of this deck of cards and use these cards to gain uncountable benefits. These tricks ensure that you understand the true potential and characteristics of this deck of card to figure out the exact time to play the cards to utilize the maximum potential of the cards.

The main theme of this deck of cards is aggression, therefore, this is the best deck to attack the opponent but at the same time, they fail to block or defend the board. It is a great trick to add a third colored archetype in the two colored decks of cards so make sure you have picked and saved an archetype. While playing cards from this deck it is advisable to focus on the width of the board rather than the length. These cards are great for dominating the board width-wise.

Card Categories:

The Hour of Devastation deck of cards comes with five major categories each of which has its own characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. The cards included in the Cycling Desert category are Desert of Fervent, Desert of the Glorified, Desert of the Indomitable, Desert of the Mindful and Deseret of the True. All of these cards are land cards which upon being discarded give the player another draw option.

The Spell Desert comes with five cards namely Shefet Dunes, IpnuRivulut, IfnirDeadlands, Ramunap Ruins and Hashep Oasis. Despite the fact that these cards add to your mana a drawback of these cards is that they ask for the sacrifice of other cards to unleash their true strength. Defeat category of cards is the best way to block attacks from your opponent and overcome the damage. It includes five cards that are Chandra’s Defeat, Gideon’s Defeat, Jace’s Defeat, Liliana’s Defeat, and lastly Nissa’s Defeat.

God’s last cards are extremely powerful and have the ability to destruct and destroy anything that comes in their way. Bontu’s last reckoning,Kefnet’s last word, Oketra’s last mercy, and Rhona’s last defeat are the cards included in this category. The Forgotten gods are also the cards that should be your top priority while attacking your opponent. The Scarab God, The Scorpion God and The Locust God all are the cards that lie in this category.

HoD Archetypes:

All ten of the card pairs included in this deck are archetypes but here are the ones that I am the most comfortable with:


This card is a game changer when it comes to limited deck cards as it makes the transition easier for the player.

UR Prowess:

This is one of the most aggressive cards in the deck which instantly costs two drops to the opponent and does irreversible damage.

WB Zombies:

This is the most recommended archetype from the deck as it can devastate the opponent within no time.


Despite the weak defense of this archetype, the attacking capability makes it a fan favorite amongst the players.

This was a comprehensive review of the Hour of Devastation archetypes and cards. But remember do not stick to the conventions, play around and experiment to find new ways that work the best for you. What makes this deck special is that the cards in this deck are extremely powerful and offer a lot of strength and skill to the player. The main components of this deck are the common and uncommon cards which can also be empowered through the use of rare and mythical bombs cards.

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