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Guest Article: Best of One Tech – Kaladesh

All of the MTG: Arena players that are fans and followers of Bo1 met game are excited as some new Kaladesh and Aether Revolt cards are being added in the game pool by the developers. This article has compiled some strategies and game play actions that make use of these latest additions of cards to boost player bets and enhance matchups.

The need of these newly introduced cards was felt due to some loopholes that were encountered in-game matchups. For instance, when Moment of Craving is played against Red, it is beneficial but proves useless against U/W. To overcome these problems the developers decided to introduce a powerful range of eight new cards.

Winning Cards for Bo1 Game Format:

Aerial Responder:

Aerial Responder can prove to be a lethal weapon when played against mono-red as well a U/W. When competing with Red even if Lightening Strike is thrown at the opponent it can gain 4 life points and in case of the use of either Khanera or Crasher, it can still gain 2 life points while blocking the opponent’s turn.

When used against U/W it demolishes the opponent’s defense by defeating Karn tokens. Despite having fewer benefits as compared to when chosen against Red, it can still be the cause of victory.

When played the right way it can easily get past Fatal Push and Walking Ballista. However, since it does not belong to the Vampire or Knight category, therefore, it is placed amongst the Dwarf Soldier cards.

Angel of Invention:

Angel of Invention is a card that costs 5 Mana but is a valuable investment as it gives us the choice to pick and choose the cards of our own liking. It can easily dodge Lightening Strike thus proving to be a powerful weapon to overcome the opponent’s attack.

When compared with Lyra Dawnbringer it is not a very wise choice as it has lesser advantages and benefits. However, the option of buffing the remaining creatures and earn 2 tokens still makes it a favorite amongst game enthusiasts.

Cataclysmic Gearhulk:

This card can be a lifesaver for someone who is on the verge of losing and s looking for a chance to get a new chance. It is highly recommended to keep this card at hand if one has to pick and choose only one permanent card and let go of the rest.

Due to its 4 out of 5 ranking of vigilance body, it can serve as a blocker and due to its large size, it can take a larger part of the board thus dominating the opponent. While being used against mono-red it can slow them and against U/W, it has the capability to remove all threats that block your threats.

The only negative factor is the fact that it cannot get rid of Planeswalkers without Karn and Teferi.

Gonti Lord of Luxury:

This card can threaten the opponent and cause his defeat quite easily. When used against mono-red, it can be used to reveal their threats especially if they have made us of Chainwhirler. It is a slow variant but can serve as a great blocker.

However, it has way more advantages when played against U/W as it can remove Second Sun from the game for good. It can also be used to steal anything from Planeswalkers and even counterspells.

On the downside, it’s usage is very costly and similar advantages can be utilized through the use of Direfleet Dare Devil. But still, it is preferred because of better card options that it provides.

Heroic Intervention:

This card has strengths and capabilities similar to those of Blossoming Defense. The main distinguishing factor between both these cards is that Heroic Intervention offers one extra mana.

It enables the green decks to make use of Fumigation that can prove to a game matchup that is so strong it can barely be defeated. Yet the expensive cost of its usage and the slow down it causes in the speed of the board.

This card is also pretty useless when used against Golden Demise and Yahenni’s Expertise.

Hidden Stockpile:

This card has the ability to enhance our defense and increase block strength while disabling Goblin Chainwhirler’s strength. When played on the battlefield against U/W, it decreases the speed of the opponent giving us the time to come up with a way to dominate the board and change the game scenario.

While playing this card you are entitled to only one token which might cause a huge mana lost in some cases.

These are only a few cards that I analyzed and tested, there are however other cards of the same category that might prove to be helpful in the Bo1 game format as well.

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