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Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Dogs

Coronavirus is the hot topic of 2020. More than 50 countries of the world are suffering from the negative reports of coronavirus. As per now the death rate tolls from Coronavirus is, 3000 mostly from China from where this disease initiated. We all are quite well aware of the fact that how to keep ourselves protected from this disease may it be wearing masks, washing hand frequently or many more. Even one of the best news ever heard in the history is that Scotland has announced to sell al the sanitary product for free. Now the worry and tension come on the thing that how to make our beloved pets, especially dogs and puppies protected from this disease? How to get ourselves aware that they are suffering from the virus or not? If they are than how to treat them? And last but not the least, do this corona virus get transmitted from doggies to their owner or random people around? We know that all these questions must be roaming in the brains of all the pet owners! We are here to answer all of these questions in brief. 

1. Which Organ of the Body does Coronavirus Attacks in Dogs?

Coronavirus is mostly a shortly survived virus in dogs and especially in puppies. It effects the intestine in the dogs and creates discomforts in lower abdominal in the dogs. There are different kind of Coronaviruses but the one that effects dogs are called Canine Coronavirus, which does not affect the dogs for more than quite few days. And if your dog is sick for more than 2 or 3 days or a week than it is a sign of them getting effected by secondary bacterial infection. 

2. How the Virus Gets Diffuse in Dogs?

How and from where does the dogs or puppies get these viruses? It’s all about hygiene, our pets’ case is no more different from normal human beings. Make sure the bowl they eat food is keenly clean and do not make oral contact with the contaminated food. Not just that make sure that your dog is not in contact with the other dogs who is or may be suffering from the coronavirus disease. In fact, there are a lot of population out there especially in China, Wuhan, that people are making their pets wear masks as well. Just for the sake of the protecting of there health. 

3. Does the Virus Get Transmitted to the Owners? 

As told, you all before there are different types of Coronaviruses and the one that effects dog is canine virus. To all the owners of the pets and pet lovers or animal loves no need to get worried because No! these canine viruses odes not get transmitted from the dogs or puppies to the people. But all these diseases may transfer from on dog to another. So, keep your dogies away from the others for now! 

3. Symptoms of Coronavirus in Dogs:

The symptoms of coronavirus are your dog may suffer from the diarrhea for very long, which leads to decrease and tiredness hunger. Stool may get loose, along with rotten scent or orange tint may appear. These are mostly noticeable in puppies. If the condition Is very severe then your dog must be suffering from both coronavirus and parvovirus. And if these conditions are not reduced within 24 hours then you need to consult doctors immediately!   

4. Cure of the Virus:

Antibiotics are highly not recommended for corona virus because it enhances the virus but all you can is reintroduce the food to your dogies frequently and Canine Virus vaccine are also available in the hospitals for the puppies.

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