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Ad Nauseam Primer of Mythical Magic

Let’s move on to the next topic that is Ad Nauseam Primer. The deck cards have not seen with the new pieces. However, some are listed Ixalan. Theros block gives the name of the scary land. However, at the moment, you are probably not aware of the Tier 1 deck card.


The Combo deck has the ability to win the game with the help of Angel’s Grace, AdNauseam and PhyrexianUnlife. Later on, these cards also provide help for avoiding the negative factor. With the help of Ad Nauseam, we can draw our deck, so we will get the cost of every card.  Totally, it shows the negative side of casting the cards.

There are two ways for winning the deck such as the Lightning Storm, discarding lands or the Simian Spirit Guide. You can also get the backup plan while playing the Laboratory Maniac. It is important that the opponent must follow the Opt and the Serum Visions. However, in our library, there is no such card that provides the opportunity to draw the card.

So, What You Think About the Metagame?

There are a lot of turns and twists occur when you have powerful cards. Probably, it is a fact that the Metagame is totally filled up with the aggro deck creatures such as Eldrazi, Affinity, Burn or the Shadow death. These decks have the ability to win the creature in the best way. Basically, to remove the creature, it is important to gear up with the removal of the spell. To interact with the option, it’s better to remove the metagame spell.

Overview of the Staple Cards:

4 Ad Nauseam: it can be considered as the combo piece but I can be acted just like the piece of a tutor. Sometimes, you are thinking to cast this combo without the help ofPhyrexianUnlife or the Angel’s Grace. For high total life, you can get the two copies when you have these cards. So, don’t hesitate for drawing more cards.

4 PhyrexianUnlife/ 4 Angel’s Grace: Also, it can be the act of protection because it has the combo of halves. You will get an extra card or assemble turn. To negate this, you can use the Angel’s Grace. Additionally, it is also called as the aggro deck combo.

0-1 Opt/ 3-4 Sleight of Hand/ 3-4 Serum Visions: For our deck, these are the best selection. In Modern, it could be the best cantrips. Before using the Sleight of Hand, these selections allow us to turn in the Lotus Bloom. Meanwhile, the best option is Serum Visions because of future draw control. For instance, conclude the Opt deck.

1-4 Spoils of the Vault: Personally, I prefer to play only with the Spoils of the Vault. However, I also have seen more listed cards like 3 or maybe 4.  For building the template the number 3 is the best number. These cards are preferable while using the cheap combo pieces. You can choose, either two spoil, three spoil, or the Opt. In the condition, it either includes PhyrexianUnlife or maybe Angel’s Grace.

1-4 Mystical Teachings: In my list, I consider 3-4 template cards. If we look in the flashback, there are different awesome games that is helpful to run the 1-2 copies.

4 Pentad Prism/ 4 Lotus Bloom/ 4 Simian Spirit Guide: while considering these cards, it’s like the mana accelerators. However, casting the Spirit guides or desperate the blocker needs then you can go for the mirror.

1 Echoing Truth: it includes the Echoing Truth copy just because it is an enhancement such as the Thalia, Guardian ofThraben, Blood Moon,Chalice of the Void or the Blood Moon.

4 Leyline of Sanctity: Basically, it destroys the hand disrupted and every player must have these mulligans. It is also helpful for removing or protecting the gameplay.

1 Disenchant: when Lantern or Affinity are played, then the Artifact is the most hateful card.

2 Spell Pierce:  For preventing the Blood Moon,Stony Silence or the Liliana of the Veilis useful.

3 Thoughtseize: this is very thoughtful for controlling the safe combo because of unacceptable spell such as the Ad Nauseamand then Karn Liberated.

So, it’s a short review of the Ad Nauseam Primer of Mythical Magic, hope you all were like my post. If you want to discuss or share anything then you can send your feedback.

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