Month: October 2018


Top 10 Cards in Shadows over Innistrad

It’s become very interested that you get Shadows over Innistrad. I have some realistic time to look at the card release of the Innistrad. Here is the top Standard shape of the Innistrad: 1st: Archangel Avacyn Probably, the best card is the Archangel Avacyn in the Shadow overInnistrad. It constructed with the Flash while paying […]
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How Many Board Wipes in EDH

Life is busy. We have many things to do in our daily routine, indeed its necessary to survive in better way. But along with all these activities, responsibilities, and challenges, our brain wants something different and interesting to make us happy or refresh for our better performance in the different matters of life. As the […]
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Top 5 Best Deck of Cards

Nowadays, Dominaria comes at the top level because of significantlygame impact. Today, I am providing the cards result that comes while looking at the previous results. Different teams like Big Magic Japan. However, the standard deck cover by the SCG Open US.I discuss what I generally believe regarding top Standard deck. Herethe remarkable deck given […]
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Difference Between Modern and Standard MTG

Introduction Today, the Magic Formats is based on two things that is Modern and Standard. Most of the players did not get the difference of these formats. However, the players are divided into two sector that is new players of Modern or Standard. My theme is to introduce these formats regarding the eye of the […]
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Pro Tour Hall of Fame Ballot

This is quite sufficient if the candidate is master or clear. Someone really needs a sufficient contribution at the time of voting. I consider some criteria in which I expected to vote. These players are considering a legend in the gaming world. What does it mean? It means that these people have different criteria for […]
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Izzet Wizards Guilds of Ravnica Standard

Being an enthusiastic player and fan of the paper Magic, I am glad to be introducing and reviewing the deck guide of Izzet Wizard Aggro in this article. Amongst the Izzet Wizard card deck, some of the cards that have especially caught my attention are the Lightning Bolt, Counterspell and the Goblin Guide. In this […]
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MTG Goryo’s Vengeance Modern

In my previous article, I cover some informative metagame. As I am expected the release of Aether Revolt. Here are some aspects that are discussed in my article. It is like a short summary. Such as: Dredge or the Infect is less popular. Meanwhile, UR Kiln Field and the Suicide Zoo will become the most […]
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Zendikar Expeditions: A Letter to the Naysayers

I literally shocked to hear about the Zendikar Expeditions. It takes a few minutes to absorb the news. I was excited, so I decided to express my excitement through express in writing. Meanwhile, in my article, I received my criticism that shows the reaction of people regarding my point of view toward Zendikar Expeditions. Generally, […]
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MTG Modern Cheerios 2022

GP Brisbane is my next big tournament that become my post-ban into post-Aether Revolt Modern. Literally, I spend a lot of time in thinking and testing about the combo of Puresteel Paladin and the Cheerios. In the combo, it includes the artifacts casting cost, so that it could be easy to draw the cards with […]
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Guest Article: Best of One Tech – Kaladesh

All of the MTG: Arena players that are fans and followers of Bo1 met game are excited as some new Kaladesh and Aether Revolt cards are being added in the game pool by the developers. This article has compiled some strategies and game play actions that make use of these latest additions of cards to […]
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