Month: October 2018

Eldritch Moon: Top 13 Commander Gems Cards

MTG Eldritch Moon Intro Decks Card List Probably, it is a fact that every card comes with a unique format. So, I am here to elaborate each and every card. Here I am discussing the best Commander cards, such as: 1. Eldritch Evolution The effect of tutoring seems grateful in every card instead of Eldritch […]
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The Colorless Commander of Kozilek

In my previous article, I am sure that you get to know the Oath of the Gate watch. Different strategies are applied to changes the Modern as well as Standard format.  In the simple form of Manlands,Nissa, Voice of Zendikar,Kozilek’s Return or the Goblin Dark-Dwellers. However, there are many other cards that have enough evaluation. […]
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Eldritch Moon: Top 13 Modern Gems

Everyone knows about the Eldritch Moon. Usually, modern gems have the way to dig out. However, number 13 is always considered as a special because of the Innistrad world. I simply pick the top 13 cards that are potential in Modern. So, here are discussing below: MTG Eldritch Moon Card List Emrakul, the Promised End […]
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Modern Domain Zoo

Wild Nacatl literally banned in 2014. Mostly, players indicate that revived has too many reasons for the zoo. Meanwhile, there is a different world of Black Green deck because it has Snapcaster Mage comes with the Lightning Bolt. The bunch of unfair combo deck is rising because the zoo has a fair deck. Somehow, it […]
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Standard Zombies in M2019

Hope everyone is fine.  Now the period of Core Set is arising and the prediction comes in 2019. Regardless of anything, I simply love the way of set. If we looking in history then we came to know that the Core Set is the favorite Magic Sets. Today, there is the addition of unique mechanics […]
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Top 7 Grossly Broken Cards of the Holistic Wisdom

Sometimes, we make mistakes, while creating the high-level R&D. Most of the cards are banned regarding the history of Magic. Meanwhile, the cards have no overpowered value. In the list, many cards come in a league for gross and superpower. Just consider the following list and avoid the highest power. Meanwhile, overall there are 7 […]
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Top 7 Burn Cards of Holistic Wisdom

Today, Holistic Wisdom depends on the burn card list. Additionally, the exploration of Freyalise is depended on the Dominaria result. Recently, the trend of following the metagame calls or the hot decks. Every week, I discuss the informative topic for you guys. Today, most of the people love the burn cards that is important to […]
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The Best Draft Decks Assembling in Kaladesh

Recently, I drafted the best deck. Every store tested the game for more than one time in one week like the Pro Tour Kaladesh. There are undefeated trophies in the competition of Kaladesh and the ranges are 30 plus. I believed that the format has a very balanced color as well as manageable. These color […]
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Rhystic Scrying: Commander & Ban List & EDH Rules

RhysticScrying: Philosophy of Commander Everybody engaged to find the unique way to play Magic because the commander is the best player. Find the casual and the funniest way for Magic enjoyment.Meanwhile, you can get printed deck as well as unprinted and used in game. So, it is quite easy to improve the usage of the […]
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Designer Cool Socks for Men

In today’s fashion and trend, designer collections and stuff is a common and normal thing. Everyone is appreciating designer collection as they have faith and believe on the brand or designer. Even from food to water bottle, make up to accessories and from clothing to socks, people are giving preferences to designer collection and brand. […]
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